The Benefits of Thai Massage



The combination of physical, mental and psychological therapy is what sets traditional Thai massage apart from other types of massage. That’s why the benefits of Thai massage provide an all-encompassing body and mind treatment.

While all massage variants promote relaxation as well as muscle relief and reduced tension, Thai massage is one of the most invigorating, as it rigorously works your entire body.

A little slice of Thailand in a Richmond Thai massage studio brings tradition to you. Discover the incredible health benefits of this all-encompassing massage.


Detoxifies your body

Various positions throughout your treatment force fresh circulation that helps with lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage requires muscular movement to help move waste, excess water, and bacteria out of the body.

Boosts your immune system

Targeted manipulation on the body awakens the nervous system and promotes toxin release, helping you to fight future illness and disease. Massage can also decrease the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Improves posture, balance and body alignment

Gentle yet effective stretches engage your neck and back muscles, resulting in a stronger and healthier posture. The sequence of stretches is so streamlined that muscle tension is released, and you can take pleasure in relieved back pain.

Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety

Stress can wreak havoc on your health. Traditional Thai massage embodies a meditative-like state, and strongly focuses on the body’s flow of energy. This calming setting helps to soothe the mind and nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety.

Clears your mind and improves concentration

Thai massage addresses the most common causes of a lack of concentration, including stress, anxiety, and sleep issues like insomnia. Many people often experience heightened awareness and better focus, too.

Increases your energy and stamina

Applied pressure energises the body by improving the flow of blood. Thai massage promotes better circulation and can also help with digestion, helping you feel leaner and stronger.

Thai traditional massage is an ancient healing practice and the massage therapist has crafted their traditional massage techniques so you can receive the full impact of Thai massage therapy. A wonderful Thai massage will as mentioned, have many health benefits and a deep tissue massage will alleviate muscle soreness. Many Thai massage practitioners can perform a Thai foot massage if they are a licensed massage therapist. Thai massages can now be enjoyed at Richmond and Port Melbourne.

Like the Swedish massage, the Thai massage has grown immensely in popularity. Both the Thai and Swedish massage are acknowledged by traditional Chinese medicine. noting that Thai massage reduced psychological stress and anxiety. It has also been noted to aid joint pain, blood circulation and aid with headache relief and healthy cell growth. Thai massage incorporates the mind body and spirit and Thai massage involves a level of trust between the therapist and participant, At Sense Of Thai, all therapists have developed a great deal of massage technique and experience so make a booking.