Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage in Richmond and Port Melbourne


aromatherapyFind out why this muscle-melting therapy is the most popular form of massage. Close your eyes and imagine the sensation of hot (but not too hot!) oil rubbed the entire length of your body using a smooth Swedish massage technique during a relaxing session of aromatherapy.

There is just no way to describe this treatment with words; you have to experience it for yourself. (Warning: this therapy may be addictive!)  

Massage oil, in particular, essential oil is used for this type of massage. Essential oils are great as they are a light oil and benefit stress relief. A full body massage with a warm oil massage really adds to the overall massage experience. No need to worry if you have oily skin or even dry skin, it does not matter. The body oil will cover the entire body and relax tight muscles, assisting blood flow and the lymphatic system.

Hot oil treatment is not new, hot oil treatments have been practised for thousands of years and are not only beneficial for the body, but a hot oil hair massage can increase hair growth, and stimulate both hair follicles and human hair fibres. Incorporating hot oil massages into a session allows you to experience the gentle circular motion with oil evenly and steadily applied which is typical of the technique used in hot oil massages. The type of oil used may vary from almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil or a mixture of warm herbal oils,  Oil treatments are known to also improve blood circulation, and assist in removing all the knots in your muscles and are deeply relaxing.


Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage in Richmond and Port Melbourne Prices

30 Minute Massage$50
60 Minute Massage$75
90 Minute Massage$110
120 Minute Massage$140