Spoil yourself in our Private Relaxation Room – Port Melbourne

Sense of Thai has opened its second Thai massage studio in the popular Bay Street shopping precinct!

Ever feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders? Maybe it’s been a particularly stressful week at work, or you’ve just been feeling under the weather lately.

Whatever the reason, there’s never a bad time to indulge in a luxurious massage therapy from qualified professionals.

After a very successful few years in our Richmond studio, Sense of Thai is expanding! We have just opened our second Thai massage studio in Port Melbourne. Conveniently located amongst the Bay Street shops, you can slip away from daily life and into a sanctuary of total relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation.

Five reasons to get a Thai massage from Sense of Thai’s new Port Melbourne studio

The benefits of massage are incredible! A massage treatment from Sense of Thai’s Port Melbourne studio will:

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

Nothing says relax more than a deep tissue massage designed to loosen muscles and ease tension. Stress can affect sleep and can cause painful headaches, so if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, a massage is a brilliant first step to take.

2. Help chronic neck and back pain

A sedentary lifestyle is often the cause of neck and back pain. Periodic massages keep muscles and joints limber and can help prevent the development of chronic pain.

3. Promote better sleep

As it loosens tight muscles, improves blood circulation, and releases tension, a massage helps promote healthy sleep and can restore sleeping patterns. The amount of sleep you get is, no doubt, important, but the quality you get is perhaps even more crucial.

4. Boost immune system

Many studies have shown that regular massages results in an increase of cells in the body that act as the immune system’s “first line of defence”. A massage helps blood circulation, and as a result, white blood cell production increases. These cells are crucial in defending the body from diseases

5. Raise alertness

The four benefits listed above combine to boost your brainpower and improve concentration: with better sleep, an improved immune system, and relaxed muscles comes improved memory, clarity, and alertness.


Massages promote the release of the chemical serotonin, which contributes to you feeling happy!

Experience our Private Relaxation Room in Port Melbourne

This room is really something special. Step into the exclusive steam and relaxation room, equipped with private shower and toilet, and indulge your senses with a soothing massage therapy of your choice.

Our massage therapies include…

Traditional Thai massage

One of our most popular methods, this hands-on treatment focuses on gentle stretching along the body’s energy flow channels to relieve muscle aches and re-energise the body.

Head, back, shoulder and foot massage

Let go of stress and pain with a therapeutic massage that targets four of the most common parts of the body that experience muscle aches.

Aromatherapy hot oil massage

Fragrant aromatherapy instantly calms (without being overbearing) while your massage therapist uses hot oil to relax and loosen tight muscles.

Four hands massage

Four hands are better than two! Relax your mind as two massage therapists use coordinated techniques to soothe aching muscles and melt away stress.

Private Steam and Relaxation Room

Last but certainly not least is our exciting massage therapy available exclusively at our Port Melbourne Thai massage studio.

Traditional Thai herbal steam therapy is a phenomenal treatment that provides a number of health benefits. It opens your pores, removes toxins, and provides a deep detoxifying treatment that improves the tone and feel of your skin. Find out more benefits of traditional Thai herbal steam therapy here

Couples massage in our private steam and relaxation room

A brilliant gift idea, a couples massage allows you to spoil a loved one… while reaping the benefits yourself! Come in with a partner or friend and experience a beautiful couples massage designed to instil calm, tranquillity, and serenity from the moment you both step into your private haven.

Private couples massage Port Melbourne

Sense of Thai’s private steam and relaxation room is available exclusively at our brand new Port Melbourne studio.

If you’d like a truly sumptuous Thai massage experience, make sure you book now to avoid disappointment! Fill in our booking form and we will call you to confirm. Otherwise, call us directly: 9646 7652.

We look forward to giving you a truly memorable massage experience, right here in the heart of Port Melbourne.