Traditional Thai Massage

traditionalIt’s believed that traditional Thai massage originated more than 2500 years ago by the Buddha’s physician. Over time, it has been influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian culture, as well as the practise of yoga.

Sense of Thai honours this valued history by providing a traditional Thai massage in Melbourne. Your therapist uses his or her entire body, including hands, knees, legs and feet to stretch you and apply various levels of pressure to loosen your joints.

This muscle therapy is deeply refreshing and revitalising, and features numerous health benefits. It can help to increase flexibility and your overall range of moment. Additionally, it promotes lymphatic drainage: muscle manipulation stimulates the lymph system to efficiently remove waste and toxins from your body.


Full Body Massage Richmond and Port Melbourne

A Traditional Thai massage session can last anywhere between one and two hours. The client remains clothed throughout the session, as no oil is applied.

It’s recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and you avoid large meals before your treatment. Because it is a total body treatment, the session will normally take place on a padded mat on the floor.

The slow and gentle massage re-energises the body and promotes improved blood and oxygen circulation. In traditional Thai massage, the body’s energy channels are called ‘Sen’, and the body is pressed and kneaded in a way to soften muscles and open up these channels to improve energy flow.

Once the muscles have been softened, stretching begins. Your therapist will gently stretch your muscles in order to lengthen them, counterbalancing the damage causes of muscle shortening due to repetitive strain.

Remember to relax, so you can immerse yourself in the therapeutic nature of full body healing.

To immerse yourself in a full body massage, contact our Richmond or Port Melbourne therapists today!

Full Body Massage Richmond and Port Melbourne Prices

30 Minute Massage$50
60 Minute Massage$75
90 Minute Massage$110
120 Minute Massage$140