Traditional Thai Massage – Richmond and Port Melbourne

The style of Thai massage has evolved over time, but its roots lie in traditional medicinal systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as integration with the practice of yoga.

Sense of Thai brings the rich, authentic history to you: our quality massage services rejuvenate your body, clear your mind and improve overall health and well-being. Experience better flexibility, improved posture, and an energy boost from a traditional Thai massage in Richmond and Port Melbourne surrounds.

Sense of Thai Massage Therapies

Sense of Thai provides a variety of massage therapies to fit your schedule. Our packages range from short and effective 30-minute sessions to comprehensive two hour relaxation and healing sessions. Massage varieties include full body works, aromatherapy oil massages, and four hands massages, where two therapists work with four hands to provide double the results! Learn more about our massage therapies.

Gift Vouchers

  • massage vouchers

    30 mins $50

  • thai massage gift voucher

    45 mins $60

  • thai massage Richmond

    60 mins $75

  • traditional thai massage

    90 mins $110

  • massage Richmond

    120 mins $140

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